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SaaS Solutions
Datagain combines deep domain experience with technology expertise to deliver comprehensive cloud solutions that help clients transform their business.
Business Process Management
Datagain converges the power of AI, Process Automation and Domain Knowledge to enhance process management and perceptive experiences.
Custom Solutions
Datagain transforms organizations to become Resilient, Responsive and Relevant with our strong focus on cloud technologies backed by agile methods.
Analytics and Insights
Accelerate Results with Insights from advance analytics from Datagain’s advance data mining and text processing solutions.

Tax Management

Datagain implemented a cloud solution to manage $800M in taxes for a transportation giant on the east coast.

Insights Platform

Major university in New York city uses platform implemented by Datagain to Insights to improve varsity athletics

Contracts Management

Fortune 500 technology company in California leverages Datagain’s contract management system to track contracts worth $1B annually.


Our services have helped all kinds of organizations and businesses. Here’s just a small sample of the industries we’ve worked within.

Financial Services
Public Sector
Public Sector
Real Estate
Real Estate
Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

DIMS Criminal Justice Solutions

Case management
Treatment Court Case Management made simple, secure and collaborative.

Discover comprehensive, customizable, and secure tracking of participant data. DIMS provides accessible visual and data reporting on a HIPPA compliant platform.

Lab management
A lab information management system vertically integrated within DIMS for secure and simplified reporting of test results.
Probation & Pretrial
Cloud-based probation & pretrial software to manage defendants, supervise cases & risk assessment. Vertically integrated with case management, lab information systems and accounting platform to provide a comprehensive, customizable platform that prevents duplicate entries of people and resources.
REACT Remote Alcohol Testing
Instantly and securely test a client’s breath alcohol level with a secure cell phone. Our system instantly confirms the client’s identity, tests alcohol levels, and securely shares the results with the client, the lab provider, and relevant case management personnel.
Communication App
Our Coordinator App is a seamless way to keep in contact with participants to send affirmations, tasks, and check-in requests easily and quickly.



Transcription is a practice central to any qualitative research and we provide highly accurate, affordable, timely transcription in multiple languages. Since 2014, we have aided many research organizations, market research companies and academia with quality research transcription, thus ensuring effective data analysis.


We provide premium, reliable and wide-ranging meeting transcription services that help you capture discussions of crucial business agendas and topics verbatim. These transcriptions will further aid your organization with achieving departmental as well as business goals, leading to increased profitability in the long run.


We at Datagain understand that legal transcriptions are an integral part of many legal processes. We are professionals at handling confidential and sensitive information. Our extensive experience and attention to detail help us provide high-accuracy legal transcriptions, regardless of the format.


Datagain is a one-stop shop for all your translation needs. We support 100+ languages in a wide range of industries and cater to your on-demand translation and localization needs. We have a pool of 2000+ expert translators which helps us ensure the highest standards of accuracy and quality with a fast turnaround time at affordable prices.

Data Solutions


Without a dedicated team to read and interpret data, it’s just a bunch of numbers. We take your data, organize it, and help you draw meaningful, actionable trends and insights from it.

Collection & Extraction

Data and information is among any organization’s biggest assets today. Our solutions let you target and gather the information you need in an ethical and secure way.


Get quick access to meaningful, visualized data, from anywhere, any time. We make it easy to not only access your data, but access specific insights compiled from multiple sources, and share those reports with your colleagues and stakeholders.

Tax Solutions

Property Tax Bill Processing
Our Property Tax Plus (PTP) system simplifies and automates your property tax bill handling, saving you time and optimizing cash flow, while also identifying discrepancies and potential issues before they happen.
Intelligent payments
The Intelligent Bill Payment System (IBPS) not only automates your tax payments, but also allows you to customize unique rules for each region and amount to alert you when a payment falls outside of an expected variance, or set approval levels based on the size and type of payment.
Our platform offers you a centralized place to track and manage your property tax appeals, from sending you alerts about important dates to automatically generating of appeal letters for multiple accounts at once with a single click.
With PTP, use your existing data to project future revenues and apply changes in tax code to give yourself an accurate forecast of upcoming taxation implications.
We customize development of property returns for each state and county by carefully analyzing and mapping your property data into PTP, analyzing each region’s return requirements, and standardizing the data.
Income tax
We handle taxation solutions from the perspective of both the payer and the payee. Our systems help manage appraisals and income-based taxation to keep things organized and minimize errors or oversights.

Customer Support

Keep your customers satisfied with our call center and live technical support services, or bring in new ones with our lead generation and outbound marketing services.

Custom Software

Website Design
Leverage our team of experienced web developers to build a responsive web presence proven to drive traffic, boost sales, and increase brand awareness.
Data management systems
We design custom data solutions to gather, analyze, and report data for all different industries. We tailor our solutions to each client individually, to make sure we’re covering each unique need.
Tax Management
Whether you’re collecting taxes or paying them, we have tax management solutions to streamline your process, improve your reporting, and save you money.
Licensing and permit management
Managing licensing and permits can be a hassle, and renewal can be easy to forget about. We develop solutions to make it easier to stay up-to-date on this and any other relevant paperwork.
Search Engine
If your site needs an internal search function, we develop one that works for you. Looking for search engine optimization (SEO)? We can help with that as well.
Contract Management
Our solutions make it easy to organize and manage any number of contracts of any kind. Make every part of the contract process easier, from creation, to renewal, to completion.

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